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Title Starting Date Salary Area Status
Private school in Suwon with Fancy ho... Aug 20, 15 2.1 Suwon Filled

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Title Starting Date Salary Area Status
Daytime hours in Incheon Songdo Feb 25, 16 2.2~2.4m Incheon, K... Available
English Village in Uiwang Feb 25, 16 2.0~2.3m Uiwang-si,... Available
Teaching in central of Seoul (PreK~E) Feb 25, 16 2.1~2.3 Seoul, Kor... Available
K~E classes in center of Yeosu (Looki... Nov 30, 15 2.2 Yeosu, Kor... Available
A good job in the most historical ci... Dec 3, 15 2.2~2.3 Gyeongju, ... Available
Looking for B.Ed or Education majored... Nov 20, 15 2.5m Dongducheo... Available
Big private chain school in central S... Nov 29, 15 2.2-2.4 Seocho, Se... Available
K~ E in Uijeongbu City Oct 25, 15 2.1~2.2 Kyunggido,... Available
Teaching PreK~ E. in center of Seoul Oct 1, 15 2.1m Seoul, Kor... Available
Big Private chain school in Seongnam,... Dec 11, 15 2.0~2.1 Seongnam, ... Available

Phone call tips <2015 ATC Recruit-Reb...

 <2015 ATC Recruit-Rebecca Fox from Canada>Interview Tips Having a phone interview is nothing to be nervous about. In fact, if you are prepared for the interview, you can take advantage of the opportunity. Here are some tips that you should consider before you pick up the phone. 1. Make sure you are available to answer the phone at the designated time. This is a small test of ‘punctuality’ that you should not fail. 2. It is helpful to remember that you will probably be talking with a non-native English speaker on the phone. That means you have the ‘upper hand’ but it is important to make sure that you speak slowly enough to be understood. If they cannot understand you, they will probably assume that your students cannot understand you either. 3. Be ready to answer some questions about yourself. Be confident when you speak and of course always tell the truth. 4. Be prepared to answer some questions about how you relate with children and about your teaching skills. Most more...

Getting your FBI CRC Expedit...

 So like many of you I was nervous about the time it takes to get my FBI CRC and how that would affect my application. So after I sent in the request (after following all the steps on this website) I also decided to try contacting my local US Senator (Ben Nelson in my case, I live in Nebraska). I contacted his local office and explained my more...

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