ATC Recruiting

About Us


Avail Teachers Consulting (ATC) began as a small operation in a modest office just outside of Seoul. Founded in 2002 by Patrick Lee and Clara Kim, ATC recognized the need for an honest and dependable education employment agency. Within six, brief months this humble operation turned into a thriving recruiting company aimed at connecting English teachers with reputable schools and companies all over South Korea.

In 2007, ATC merged with Woongjin ThinkBig. As a result of this merger, Thinkoutside Recruiting was created. Thinkoutside Recruiting successfully recruited teachers for the Woongjin Firm, which operates English villages and private English academies throughout South Korea.

They also recruited for public schools (SMOE, GEPIK, EPIK) throughout South Korea, as well as private English academies.

As of September 2009, ATC is once again operating independently from Thinkoutside Recruiting. ATC is still actively recruiting teachers for the Woongjin Firm, which includes Plus Academy schools and several English villages. In addition, ATC recruits for public schools (SMOE, GEPIK, EPIK), as well as private English academies like Avalon English.

ATC has a fantastic reputation for connecting qualified English teachers with great schools and maintaining continued service throughout teachers’ placements. ATC is continually expanding to accommodate the increased demand for qualified teachers seeking employment in South Korea. The goal at ATC is to provide each and every client with the highest quality service possible.


The success of ATC can be mainly attributed to the basic philosophy: we work for you. Too often people seeking teaching opportunities within Korea deal with “fly by night” agencies that are looking only at the dollar signs.

ATC on the other hand has built a reputation of providing quality placements to the most qualified candidates by following these three simple premises:

Amicable Service Not all have the advantage of having a friend already here in Korea to help you with finding the right job, a good location, and just show you around. Our friendly staff will assist you in making your stay in Korea rewarding and pleasurable.

Trust- All of our staff have worked either as ESL Instructors or in Language Institute Management, so we are knowledgable in all aspects of the industry. We use this knowledge and our vast network of institutes to find you a placement of your preference.

Commitment- Our job does not end once you’ve stepped foot into your place of employment. We will assist you during your entire stay in Korea, whether it’s difficulties at work, adjusting to life in Korea or even helping you find that special ingredient for some home cooking. We are there for you!

Why use ATC?

ATC has the largest network of schools (approximately 900 schools) in Korea. Not only does ATC deal with the largest instititute franchises, but also many of the smaller institutes, which allows us to find you a place of employment based on your preferences and qualifications. Whether you are seeking employment in the hustle and bustle of a large city, or the calm tranquility of small beachside village, we can provide it.