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Getting your FBI CRC Expedited (USA)5star0 stars & 0 comments

November 21th, 2011 | By MaxrGriffith


So like many of you I was nervous about the time it takes to get my FBI CRC and how that would affect my application. So after I sent in the request (after following all the steps on this website) I also decided to try contacting my local US Senator (Ben Nelson in my case, I live in Nebraska). I contacted his local office and explained my situation to them. I was assigned a caseworker who presumably contacted the FBI in some manner and I ended up getting my CRC in about 3 weeks and was even told that if I had already been offered a job it could have been even faster. I assume that you could also try calling your local US Congressman as well but a Senator might have more pull since they've probably been there longer (longer terms and all).

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