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March 15th, 2010 | By Christina


Bundang is not well known city like Seoul, Busan and other metropolitan cities for foreign people, but Bundang itself is the very upscale area and is the very convenient area to live. Bundang is located in right outside of southern Seoul, so you can reach to Seoul Gangnam St. within 30 ~ 40min by bus or subway. In fact, experienced teachers or many Koreans prefer Bundang to Seoul because Bundang is very well organized and the modern city planed by Korean government to reduce overcrowding of southern Seoul. Therefore, many rich people in Seoul moved to Bundang to avoid uncomfortable life in overcrowding environment. In 2008, Bundang people’s income tax rate per person was rather higher than Gangnam people. Overall, Seoul Gangnam is definitely Korea no.1 economy area, but Bundang is very upscale area either, in which mostly rich people live, and very safe and well organized area. Our company moved to Bundang from Seoul as well due to its convenient. If you do not like the very complicated area but do not like to live far away from the urban area, Bundang would be the best area for you.

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