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by JW mom
09.27.2011(04:30 PM)

EPIK Spring 2012 NEW POLICY!

<Spring 2012 NEW POLICY for EPIK>



1.    Eligibility

: You should be at least on level 2 to apply for EPIK program.

Please check out where you are located through salary scale diagram here:

If you are on level 3 by the time you are applying, you should submit original TESOL/TEFL/CELTA 100 hours certificate by Jan. 20th, 2012. And if you dont have that original certificate by the time you submit all original documents to EPIK, you should submit a Sworn Declaration Form together.



2.    Additional documents for each MOE as below:

: When you are applying for any of these 3 cities listed below, you should submit these documents additionally when you are applying or when you submit original documents.  


1)    S.M.O.E (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education) :

: S.M.O.E. attachment + Lesson plan (when you are applying)

: Addendum Form (when you submit original documents)


2)    Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education

: Security Deposit Form (when you submit original documents)


3)    Busan Metropolitan Office of Education

: Lesson Plan (when you are applying)



3.    Criminal Background Check

: It should be issued within 6 months at most from the contract date (Feb. 26th, 2012) so that means Criminal Back Check should be issued after August 26th, 2011.


As it is newly updated policy, EPIK can accept temporarily the one (CBC) which has been issued within 6 months at most before submitting all the required documents. Then you should submit new one (which is issued after August 26th, 2011) no later than Jan. 20th, 2012. 



4.    Letter of Expected Graduation

: Applicants who have not yet received Bachelors Diploma may submit a letter of expected graduation, and submit the apostilled diploma as soon as it is issued.

On the letter, there should be the date stated when you graduated and when you can get your original Bachelors diploma. Also, more importantly, you should get your Original Diploma before you arrive in Korea. If your original diploma will be issued after March or April, please do apply for fall opening, 2012. 



5.    Entrance Allowance

: Applicants who are working in Korea with E2 visa and will do visa transfer for EPIK cant get entrance allowance (1.3m KRW).  (This rule will be applicable for applicants who are working for public school and private institutes, as well)



6.    Preference for Province Location

: On the application form, number -2 will ask you only 3 locations you want to be located.

(it used to 5 locations). And if you are not placed(or recommended) by EPIK into those 3 locations, youll be placed either one of cities or regular provinces have left. By saying this, you should be quite flexible to locations.



7.    Additional Documents Submission Deadline

: If you need to submit any additional original documents (such as TESOL cert., new issued criminal Back Check, etc), you should submit them no later than Jan. 20th, 2012.

Otherwise, your placement will be cancelled.




Those are newly announced policy by EPIK!!

and should you have any questions further about these, please let me know by email





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