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Avail Teacher’s Consulting is the number one English teacher recruitment firm in Korea. We specialize in placing teachers into positions and locations that meet both their qualifications and preferences. Avail Teacher’s Consulting maintains ongoing communication between schools, teachers and the Ministry of Education in order to ensure a smooth application process. We also keep in contact with our teachers throughout the duration of their employment in Korea in order to make their stay in Korea comfortable and enjoyable.

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Avail Teacher’s Consulting is staffed with bilingual ESL experts who have your best interest in mind. We will help you through your application process, with issues you may come across while teaching in Korea, and with whatever else you may need.

The first step is to check out our website! There you can obtain a complete application package, as well as contact information so that you can reach us with any questions you may have along the way. After we obtain your application to teach English in Korea, we will contact you and go over your resume, experience and preferences. We can help you explore where you might fit in and share our experiences of Korea and English teachers with you. You can expect to be placed in a great school with accepting staff and loving students. You can also expect to have the full support of Avail Teacher’s Consulting behind you along the way!