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Jobs South Korea

Teaching in Korea provides qualified teachers with an excellent opportunity to travel and experience another culture. The experience is both rewarding and exciting, allowing you to meet all sorts of new people and try new things.

There are many teaching positions throughout South Korea, with more positions opening annually as the Korean government recognizes the importance of teaching English to its citizens. This year alone the Ministry of Education plans to hire 500 more teachers than last year.

Teaching English in Korea not only benefits the Korean economy, but also presents teachers with great incentives. For an average 12-month contract (30 hours of teaching per week), teachers are generally paid between $24,000-$35,000. Upon completing a one-year contract teachers receive an extra month’s salary as a bonus. In addition, teachers receive health insurance, paid holidays, a furnished apartment that is paid for them, and have their airfare to and from Korea paid for.

Avail Teacher’s Consulting has excellent bilingual staff that work to ensure you get the placement that best suits your qualifications and preferences. Our teachers are satisfied with their placements and well taken care of throughout both the recruitment process and the duration of their employment.