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Teaching English in South Korea | Public Schools in Korea

Teaching English in South Korea is a fulfilling and unique experience. Not only do you gain great teaching and travel experience, but you have the opportunity to influence and affect the lives of your students ? introducing them to the English language and ultimately opening doors for their future careers and experiences. Teachers in Korea are well respected because education is seen as one of the most important aspects of life. English teachers who travel to teach in Korea are held in high regard for sharing both their language and time with their students.

Education is taken very seriously in Korea, as entrance to university is based on test scores, and universities are ranked in terms of prestige. Students work very hard to attain high marks so that they can get into the best schools, and eventually obtain a good job. Often on top of a full school day, students attend after-school academies or see tutors for help in subjects that they struggle with. Fluency in conversational English has become the goal of most Korean youth and the Ministry of Education, as English has become one of the world’s main languages for business. This is why you as a foreign English teacher are held with such high esteem in Korea.