ATC Recruiting

Teaching English South Korea

Avail Teacher’s Consulting is an English teacher recruiting agency with excellent bilingual staff that work to ensure you get the placement that best suits your qualifications and preferences. Our teachers are satisfied with their placements and well taken care of throughout both the recruitment process and the duration of their employment. One of the final steps of the application process is obtaining an E2 visa, which is sponsored by the school that hires you. We are here to help our teachers along the way in making sure all forms are filled out in accordance with the detailed instructions that must be followed throughout the process.

Along with detailed recruitment and application information, clear E2 visa instructions are provided on our website. If you have any questions regarding this step, please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance. You will initially be required to book an appointment at your local Korean Consulate where you will submit your visa application along with two passport photos, an official sealed transcript, your passport and visa issuance forms and number. It is only a matter of time after you submit this package that the Consulate will obtain the documents needed from your sponsoring school and issue your visa.

Following the visa procedures your flight to Korea will be booked! If the visa application process takes longer than expected, there is no need to worry as the Korean government has made a provision allowing teachers to start even before the visa application process is completed.