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Teach in Korea | korean teaching jobs

Teaching in Korea is one of the most exciting overseas opportunities for English teachers. With a nice blend of city and rural life, you will have the chance to experience both modern and traditional aspects of Korean culture.

Conveniently placed in the center of Asia, Korea is only a short flight to any neighbouring country. English teachers in Korea get the best of both worlds ? a wonderful teaching placement in the heart of Asia, and the chance to take their vacation time in any of the nearby countries as well! For an average 12-month contract (30 hours of teaching per week), teachers are generally paid between $24,000-$35,000. On top of that they are granted vacation time that they can use as they wish! Upon completing a one-year contract teachers receive an extra month’s salary as a bonus. In addition, teachers receive health insurance, paid holidays, a furnished apartment that is paid for them, and have their airfare to and from Korea paid for.

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