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Phone call tips


Having a phone interview is nothing to be nervous about. In fact, if you are prepared for the interview, you can take advantage of the opportunity. Here are some tips that you should consider before you pick up the phone.

1. Make sure you are available to answer the phone at the designated time. This is a small test of ‘punctuality’ that you should not fail.

2. It is helpful to remember that you will probably be talking with a non-native English speaker on the phone. That means you have the ‘upper hand’ but it is important to make sure that you speak slowly enough to be understood. If they cannot understand you, they will probably assume that your students cannot understand you either.

3. Be ready to answer some questions about yourself. Be confident when you speak and of course always tell the truth.

4. Be prepared to answer some questions about how you relate with children and about your teaching skills. Most employers are not looking for elaborate answers. You can use examples from any teaching experience that you have had (Sunday School Teacher, Tutoring, Babysitting, Camp Counselor, etc).

5. Be prepared to list some of your strengths and weaknesses. Do not brag but perhaps you can list some strength that others have said that you have. It is also important to be honest about your weaknesses. Often this exercise is designed to see how honest and humble you can be. Teachers who think that they are perfect are not attractive to most schools. Schools want to hire teachers who can be ‘easily entreated.’

6. After you have satisfied your portion of the interview with the school it is important to conduct a small interview of your own. You should have some questions prepared before you pick up the phone. You can ask about salary, benefits, teaching hours, student ages, and anything else that you are curious about. Asking questions will demonstrate that you are serious about teaching at the school.

7. At the end of the conversation, thank the school staff member for calling you.


Most importantly, be yourself during the interview. Be natural. Be friendly. If you follow these important tips, you should be able to hang up the phone confidently.



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