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Yes, still there are many teaching jobs in Korea, but remember, the most wanted jobs1) are always competitive. We often hear from our clients that it is very hard to get to know the applicants with just a picture, resume and phone interview.  Some public schools require face to face interviews. Thus, applicants overseas don’t even have chance to be considered.

So are you going to just let it happened? Or Grab your chance?

most wanted jobs1): High paying, good location (Seoul, Busan) or public school jobs.



What do I say?

 1) Introduce yourself (Where you from, what school you went to and studied etc.)

2) Talk about why you are interested in teaching in Korea.

3) Talk about your interests.  Give prospective employers a chance to get a sense of you that is not seen in your resume.


How long should the clip be?

Well, the clip is just a short introduction of you to employers, so 30 seconds should be more than enough time.


Where to send?

Upload your video clip to the website and send us the link at


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