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Why don’t you getting to know more about Korean Society and Korean People by the books?
Most teachers are very interested in North Korea so that they do buy a lot of books or novels about them. Also, you could get English version of books in Korea (especially in the big bookstores in the mid of Seoul City) but, it’ll be more pricy than books in USA, of course.

Teachers Bus Picks!!

The Koreans

1. The Koreans

The Koreans: Who They Are, What They Want, Where Their Future Lies (Hardcover)
Author: Michael Breen, Breen
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Pub. Date: Nov. 1999
Price: 21,500 KRW (39% D/C)
Contents: In this absorbing and enlightening account, Breen provides compelling insight into the history and character of one of the most important yet least understood countries in the World.

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Korea Unmasked

2. Korea Unmasked

Korea Unmasked: In Search of the Country, the society and the people
Author: Lee, Won-Bok
Publisher: Gimm Young
Pub. Date: March. 2005
Price: 13,410won (10% D/C)

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Tip: It’s kind of comic book. It’s not that serious tone when they’re talking about Korea and quite easy and fun to understand about all of Korea.

The two Koreas

3. The two Koreas

The Two Koreas : A Contemporary History (Paperback)
Author: Don Oberdorfer
Publisher: Basic Books
Pub. Date: Feb. 2002
Price: 25,560 won (10% D/C)
Contents: Don Oberdorfer has written a gripping narrative history of Korea's travails and triumphs over the past three decades. The Two Koreas places the tensions between North and South within a historical context, with a special emphasis on the involvement of outside powers.

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Survival Korean (teaches the alphabet)

4. Survival Korean (teaches the alphabet)

Survival KOREAN (1 book + 2 tapes)
Author: Stephen Revere
Publisher: Nexus
Pub. Date: Jan. 2005
Price: 19,350 (10% D/C)

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Tip: it’s Korean language learning book for beginner level. Stephen Revere is on Arirang TV show and the first foreign MA holder for Korean Language Education Part. It’s very easy to learn and remember and there’re several situations. Too


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