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Korean language (Han-Gul) is quite easy to learn rather than Japanese and Chinese. Koreans used to use Chinese character in the newspaper but it’s all changed into Hangul recently. So that you might notice some of Chinese Character in official document or older people’s writing but it’s not very often. Almost westerners can read Hangul in about 2~3 months study but they don’t know what that means.
However, if you can read Hangul, we’re sure it’s very helpful for you to survive in Korea! If you want to learn Hangul more systematically, you could check up some of university websites. Mostly, Universities located in Seoul do have Korean language courses in the campus. They have 4 weeks~3 months program with various schedule. Usually, they do have classes in the morning but they noticed that English teachers who’re teaching in Korea can’t take classes in the morning. So they recently make afternoon shift, which starts from 6:30pm. But, still, if you work 9:30an~6:30pm, it’ll be very hard to take full-time Korean classes otherwise you’re living in 5min. walking distance. (Unfortunately, most universities we referred below are located in North Part of Seoul such as Shinchon, Itaewon area)
Then Teacher’s Bus recommends you to take any weekends classes OR gets a Korean tutor and exchange the language each other. This way, you’ll free when and where to be taught.

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December 15th, 2010 (20:47:46)

I found a great site it's super helpful and gives you self study workbooks to print's pretty entertaining too.

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