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Post offices are definitely easy to find in Korea.

What is the Cheapest & Fastest way for mailing to my family?
Although there are many different mailing services provided in Korea, EMS is the cheapest and fastest mailing service (FEDEX might be as fast as EMS, but it’s also more expensive). Go on to the post office (link: in your area. They will provide you with not only mailing services, but also banking service. Business hours for mailing service are from 9:00am to 18:00pm during the weekdays and from 9:00am to 13:00pm on Saturdays. Banking service is also provided only on weekdays from 9:00am to 16:30pm.

Question) When sending my visa documents to Korea, which one is BEST to use?
Answer) From North America, we recommend FEDEX. FEDEX usually takes 3 days to deliver to Korea. However, DHL and UPS aren’t bad at all. Please be aware that even though Purolator says it will take 3 days to get to Korea, it’s generally 1-3 days late.

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What international services does the Korean postal service provide?
Domestic mail
Postal rates are different depending on what you send. It costs 250 won (as of year 2010) to send an ordinary letter. Please visit click here ( for further information. International mail services

If you input the weight and destination here( you can see how much your package will cost.

EMS (Express Mail Service)
EMS, established on agreements between the Ministry of Information and Communication and the postal services of other countries, is probably the most efficient and the safest way to mail important documents and packages abroad. It provides computerized tracking services and EMS mail can be sent to most countries around the world in 2-4 days. Pleas visit here ( for the charge rate.

FEDEX - It is the largest and fastest mailing service in Korea (In Korea) - Fedex mail website.
DHL - I should say maybe 2nd best in the world? (in Korea)

Ministry of Information and Communication -

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