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1.Komets (코메츠)


Established when? 2003
Who can join? Anyone who loves hockey
Play where? Mokdong Ice Rink (
Play when? On Tuesday and Friday nights from 11:00pm to 12:30am/on Sunday nights from 10:00pm to 12:00am
Contact whom? President: Um, In Seop (017-219-2153,, Treasurer: Hong, Deok Hwa (011-661-5956,

2. Rocky Mountain Chiefs

Rocky Mountain Chiefs

The Seoul City Chiefs are a recreational based ice hockey club playing in Seoul, South Korea. The club is open to anyone who is interested in having fun playing hockey. Weekly games take place at the Mokdong Ice Rink near Omokgyo Station. Weekly playing times vary but we usually play on Sunday mornings for two hours. Please, check the 'Schedule' section of the website for exact times. If you would like more information or are interested in joining please send an e-mail at (Karl Dancause).

3. Incheon Iceholes (인천 아이스홀스)

Incheon Iceholes

Established when? 2001
Who can join? Most of players are Canadians with a few Koreans and Americans in the mix.
Play where? Dong-nam Sporpia in Yeon-su dong, Incheon
Play when? On Thursday nights from 10pm to 11pm, games at other rinks on the weekends
Contact whom? President: Dave Kim (011-9958-1342,, Captain: Jason Toole (011-793-2265,

4. Jim Paek Hockey League (짐팩 리그)

Jim Paek Hockey League

Member qualification? Members of JPHL who have completed a requied training course and can play games in the league
How many teams? 8 teams in the league
Play when? On Mondays at 9:50pm, on Wednesday at 9:50pm, and on Thursday at 9:20pm
Play where? Seongnam 2nd Gym Ice Rink
Who can join? Active amatuer hockey players
Contact whom? Coach Kim, Wan Ju (010-3104-1140)


1.Soccer Love (축구사랑)

Soccer Love

Community website of early in the morning (Jogi) soccer clubs
Contact? 031-652-2002,

2. Superstars (celebrities’ soccer team)


President: Jung, Jun Ho
Vice President: Im, Dae Ho (011-412-6127)
Treasurer: Son, Jun Hyung (011-460-5284)

3. Baiksin Jogi Soccer Club (백신조기축구회)

Established when? 1995
Who can join? Anyone who loves soccer and can play early in the morning
Play where? Baiksin Elementary School in Ilsan
Play when? 6:00am to 7:00am
Contact whom? President: Nam, Sang Ok (010-8220-3932), Head coach: Kim, In Seok (016-351-6029), General affair: Kim, Tae Ho (017-241-6333)

4. Zeus Football Club
Captain: Park, In Yong (011-9775-5824)
Treasurer : Yun, Seok Yong (016-9770-3093)

5. Incheon Sky Soccer Club (인천 스카이 축구클럽)

Contact: 011-9935-0058


1.MP7 Baseball Club (엠피세븐 야구단)

MP7 Baseball Club

Contact: Choi, Chang Ki (011-9417-3335)

2.Tornados Baseball Club (Tornados 야구단)

Tornados Baseball Club
Contact: Nam, Se Ki (019-254-6256)
Treasurer: Kim, Nam Young (011-350-8291)

3.Red Queens 야구 동호회

Red Queens

Head coach: Kim, Chan Ho (011-9359-0402)
Treasurer: 011-9025-1186


1.Weezel Basketball Club (농구 동호회 위즐)
Contact: Kim, Hyo Yeol (010-4740-1601)


1.Union Swimming Club


Mountain Bike

1.Mad Riders (수지 MTB 클럽)
Contact: 011-416-0163

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