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As you might know, Korea is very small country compared to USA, Canada, AUS, etc. So if you want to, it’s easy to travel and see all over Korea while you’re staying and teaching in Korea. But, basically, a lot of teachers don’t want to travel a lot in Korea since they have quite heavy workload in the school from Mon.~Fri. Usually, for summer and winter vacation, a lot of them go to Taiwan, Japan, China and Hong Kong since it’s the longest vacation they ever have. And during the weekend, you could do quick trip wherever you want to go in Korea if you want to see more about Korea.
Going to bars, restaurants and hanging out in the city, it’ll be fun, of course.

But. If you miss the other parts of Korea except for Seoul and major cities, then I am sure you’ll regret it after you get back to your home country. Even though you’re so tired and want to sleep all the day during the weekend. Teachers!! Wake Up and pick up the camera and little backpack. And then go to these weekend travel package or other spots you want to go!! Then it’ll be remaining as unforgettable memories ll through your entire life. Should you have any questions about travel pack, or places you want to go, please use our forum section.

Things to do during YOUR lovely weekends!

1. DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Tour package - Bringing your passport!!
You could see North Korea’s territory and a lot of soldiers who guide each part.
It’s the most famous tour package and a lot of teachers say it’s great and worth trying to go there at least once during 1 year stay. We are just sad that Korea is the last country who has split territory like German before. And we hope it’ll be united in the near future.

For more information, Click here!
▶ Weekdays: Adult / 70,000won
▶ Weekend : Adult / 75,000won
   - Traffic expensive, DMZ tour guide, Lunch and admission fee included.
   - There is cancellation charge. 1day before is 50%, on the tour day is 100%

2. Seoul City Tour Bus
It’s totally good chance to look around all the famous spots in mid of Seoul City. They have ‘Downtown tour course’, ‘Palace tour course’, ‘Night tour course’, these 3 different types of tour courses and it costs 10,000 won. This Bus is famous for Koreans, too since it goes through all famous and historical places in Seoul.

   1. Hop on the Seoul City Tour Bus at its departure spot, Gwanghwamun, after choosing between the Downtown tour, Palace tour, and Night Tour course.
   2. Buy bus tickets (Single Ride Ticket or One Day Tour Ticket) from the guide when you get on the bus.
   3. Hop off at whichever stop you choose and hop on the next bus at the same stop after sightseeing. (Single Ride Ticket holders cannot board the bus again once they get off)
   4. Passengers may transfer to other bus courses at any stop where the tour courses overlap.

NOTE: Once you find a great spot you want to be for more hours, you could get off there and then take your own time. After that, you can just get on the next City bus again for next destination. So, if you love Seoul City, this bus tour will take more than 4~5 hours!

For more information about City Tour Bus, Click this!
* This website is operated by ‘Seoul City Hall (Hi Seoul)’ and this site contains different types of tour packages info. too like ‘subway travel’, ‘cruise tour’, ‘healthy tour’, ‘walking tour’, explore Seoul by area’, etc. Why don’t you trying one by one every weekend with your lovely friends?

3. Another Rival !! Gyeonggi Daily Tour Bus.
As you might know, Gyeonggi is the big province surrounding Seoul City and Gyeonggi contains Bundang, Ilsan, Anyang, Paju (where DMZ is located) and UijeongBu, etc. Also, We can say Gyeonggi has more Koreanized province and has a lot of historical temples, mountains, making pottery place and Korean traditional food places. As a foreigner, it’ll be little hard to travel in Gyeonggi since you don’t have any car or motorbike you can go around. But. This tour package will take you to a lot of historical places in Gyeonggi Do with reasonable price. They do have ‘DMZ tour (33, 000 won)’, ‘Temple Tour’, West Sea Tour (Seeing the sea, going to hot-spring), ‘Fork Village Tour’, ‘Making Pottery Tour’. Those cost about 20,000~30,000 won and Departure place is either in Bundang (in front of ‘Yatap’ station) or Jamsil subway station (line number 2). Even though they do have good program, they don’t have English font on the web-site. Therefore, you might need a help of Korean friend, staff.


Seoul Global Center for Foreigners.

4. All Parks in Seoul and around Seoul City.
If you are tired of tall building, air pollution, crowded people and car noise, then you could escape to parks. Most of parks in and around Seoul city are artificial but you could still see a lot of green trees, big fields and hiking tracks. You may go with friends for quick picnic with lunch boxes. Chilled out today and get some refresh energy that makes you happy for another 1 week!!

1) Han River Park

han river

This park is established along the Han River. It’s the most famous place to chill out during the summer for Seoul Citizen. And it’s also really good place to go picnic and go for all kinds of ball games. There’s outdoor pool to get a suntanned for summer and it’ll be ice link place for winter season.
There’s beautiful cafe for dating couples so you could drink some alcohols seeing han river’s beautiful scenery.
You can access to this long riverside park from Jamsil (line number2), Apgujeong (line number 3), DangSan (line number 2), Yeoui naru(line number 5) subway stations by walk.
Please see this website for more accurate direction! (it’s in Korean)

2) Seoul Forest

2) Seoul Forest

This is newly built large size of the park in mid of Seoul City with 5 different themes.
You can access here from Ttukseom (subway line number2) exit Number 8.

3) More Parks in Seoul
(Namsan Park, Youido Park, Independence Park, Kildong Ecological Park)

4) Ilsan - Lake Park (right out of Seoul City - north west part of Seoul City)
In the middle, there’s artificial big lake with a fountain. Around the lake, there’s well-built hiking track so a lot of people do walk, take a bike and roller-blading, too.
In Ilsan Area, there’s a lot of shopping centers and well-known restaurant street so you could go for walk, shopping and dining at the same time.
It can be accessed through ‘JeongBalSan’ subway station and Lotte Dep. Store - 10min. walking distance.

5. Ski Resort (Special info. for winter season!)
In winter season, a lot of young people go to ski resort for skiing and snowboarding. There’s various ski resort right out of Seoul City and it would take about 1 and half an hour up to 4 hours by car up to where you go. To use a lift and rent a ski or snowboard, it costs about 70,000~80,000 won (day-time user from 9am~5pm) and of course, you’ll need some of money for snack and lunch so you can bring about 100,000 won once you go to ski. Most resorts have shuttle bus and it goes around from Seoul to Resort (mostly, from major crowded subway stops as well as Ilsan, Bundang, Anyang, new cities).
It could be little expensive to spend 2 nights in Ski Resort of course. But. You could do this trip only one season during 1 year around. Why don’t you trying this experience this winter?

Teacher’s Bus recommends you to go ‘ Yong Pyung Resort’ and ‘Muju Resort

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- Hyundai Sungwoo Resort
- Phoenix Park
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- Sajo Resort
- Jisan Forest Resort


Do not Travel when Everyone Travels!!
Usually, teachers who take 5~13 years old students will get 5 days summer and 5 days winter vacation and those will be about end of July and end of December. This is the most peak season on traveling in Korea. Regardless of saying, Korea has high population in the smaller country. So, wherever you go, there’ll a lot of Korean tourists domestically as well as in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and China during those two peak seasons. Therefore, keep in mind your school’s vacation schedule and plan for something at least 1 month before. Other than that, you might be stuck in the house without work for 5 days!! And Going to bar - restaurant - movie - house every 5 days per week..

And, Other teachers who take older students might have 3,3,4 days vacation per year. And usually, summer and winter vacation (about for 3 days) will be scheduled by the school but each teacher can schedule other days. We think this personal vacation is special chance for YOU! You can go anywhere you want to with cheap price with less tourists. Be away between the end of July and the end of August as well as the end of December and choose your own vacation days for 3~4 days. This way, you can save more than 1/2 travel expense and catch much genuine and beautiful scenery you could miss !!

1. Jeju Island Tour (Korea’s Hawaii)

1. Jeju Island Tour (Korea’s Hawaii)

Jeju island is the most popular vacation place for Korean people and it’s very famous for beautiful seaside, Halla mountain , great nature, horse riding and various fruits. There’re a lot of expensive hotels and private pensions as well as individual Inn, too. We recommend you arrange this trip individually rather than doing by group tour.

A lot of foreign teachers do like visiting Cow Island (Woo-Do in Korean) in Jeju Island. This Cow Island is inside the Jeju and it’s very close to beach and there’s small Korean village, too.

It could take about 2 ~ 5 days to travel in Jeju island up to how many spots you’re visiting. Also, if you want to visit Busan (down south of Korea), you may take ferry to Jeju island from Busan as well.

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2. Seoul - Busan - Hukuoka or Osaka ? Japan other cities - Seoul
We think it’s the pretty good and cheap route to travel in Korea’s beach side as well as Japan as well. As you might know, Japan is quite expensive country to travel and live because of high currency rate. But. It’s worth traveling there at least once while you’re in Korea (it only takes about 3 hours by ferry from Busan)
If you’re in Seoul or around Seoul, first of all, please take train to get to Busan. (through KTX ? the fastest train in Korea. It only takes 2 and 1/2 hours to get to Busan)

KTX official web-site:

Once you get to Busan, you could see very good beach and second largest city of Korea, Busan. There’re lots of foreign teachers, beaches and a lot of traveller’s attractions. And then get on the ferry to go to Japan !!

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Once you get into Fukuoka or Osaka, you can trip in downtown and check up all traveller’s attractions and taste the sushi or soba and all Japanese original foods.
Even Japan is very closest country from Korea, you can experience very unique and traditional Japan and compare two countries each other.

After you finish your trip in Japan, you may take ferry again to go back to Korea or you can change the schedule with travel agent and take a flight to get to ICN (Incheon airport, Seoul). Of course, if you take flight, you have to cost more money, though.

3. China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam Tour
A lot of teachers do go to these countries for summer and winter vacation and we think Taiwan is most preferable country since it’s very cheap country to travel around with beautiful beaches. You could see some of teacher’s travel entries below. They’re all English teachers who’re working in Korea and they did this trip while they’re in Korea. We think it’s very realistic information you could share with other teachers.

Travel Agent Links:
- Each region’s travelers attraction sorted.
- From (sorted by region, tour package)
- Busan Portal Sites (tour info., classifieds and entertainment, etc)
- Hi-Seoul Tour section (sorted by region)

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