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Korea has 4 different seasons.
Here’s monthly average temperature below

monthly average temperature

(Extract from tour2korea)

Korea's climate is regarded as a continental climate from a temperate standpoint and a monsoonal climate from a precipitation standpoint. The climate of Korea is characterized by four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Spring (Late March~May)
It’s very warm and quite dry weather. There’s various flowers, including the picturesque cherry blossom, cover the nation's mountains and fields during this time.
Things to Do:
Walking on the street under cherry blossom, Going to picnic with yumm lunch box, Going to the mountain for hiking and Planting a tree, flowers. etc

Summer (June~Early of September)
It is a hot and humid time of the year. Also, there’s rainy season which pours rain for about 3~4days. Sometimes, a big typhoon comes to Korea peninsula and it damages a lot especially the lower-ground town, villages.
Things to Do:
Going to swimming pool, the Sea, Getting a tanning on the beach or riverside, Having a plenty of various fruits, Taking a great summer vacation (3day~1week), Careful to being bitten by mosquitoes and etc.

Autumn (September~November)
It produces mild weather. It is the best season for visiting Korea.
Things to Do:
Going to the mountain and see a lot of colorful leaves, Picking up the chestnuts, Taking a trip to wherever, Enjoying the Korean Thanksgiving day - ‘Chu-Seok’ and etc.

Winter (December~Mid of March)
It can be bitterly cold during this time due to the influx of cold Siberian air. Heavy snow in the northern and eastern parts of Korea makes favorable skiing conditions.
Things to Do:
Going to skiing (snowboarding) resort and Ice Rink, Having a Christmas & New-Year’s Day party(Solar and Lunar), Buying a winter coat, boots and gloves, Doing campfire with friends or families, Going to In-door Amusement Park (lotteworld : and etc.

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