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*(1 pyeong = 3.3 sq. meters = 35 sq. feet)

Generally, the school that hires you is going to provide your housing. Most of the schools provide a studio apartment for single teachers. While your rent is paid for, you are expected to cover utilities such as hydro, electricity, gas and phone bill, etc.


Here are housing video clips for your review!! (typical officetel type in Korea)


<a private school teacher in Bundang>


Typically, there are six types of accommodations:

1) Studio Type A - Officetel  ★★★★★(Generally measure about 7~12 pyeong for one person)


An Officetel is a furnished apartment. Usually, Officetels are modern and new. Provided appliances include a refrigerator and freezer, a gas stove, a washing machine, A/C and and an electric heater. It will have a Western-style bathroom with a shower booth in it, a designated parking space and a security guard on the first floor. There is often a convenience store and/or restaurants on the main floor. An Officetel is usually a single studio type apartment, which means it is an open-concept bedroom, kitchen and living room area. A maintenance and utility fee is required because it is furnished. On average an English teacher pays minimum $100.00 USD/Month for this.

Public Schools do not provide Type A(Officetel) However, for Private Schools such as Buksuwon SLP, Avalon English, KCTY, Icon English, etc. Please contact for schools with good housings.

2) Studio Type B- Joo-Tak(or villa / yeon-lip , Usually about 10~13 pyeong)


Joo-Tak studio apartments are not furnished and are in low-rise buildings. They range from 1 - 2 bedrooms. Usually, there are no maintenance and utility fees.

3) Apartments (The minimum size is about 15pyeong)


Koreans usually live in apartment complexes that range in size. In this style apartment there is a wall separating the kitchen, living room and bedroom. These apartments are not furnished. Therefore, if your school provides you a high-rise apartment, you should check if the apartment is furnished. It might be a good idea to ask for the entire list of furnishings. Usually these apartments have 2 - 4 bedrooms and teachers share accommodations. In this situation each teacher will have their own bedroom, but the living room, kitchen and bathroom will be shared. The monthly maintenance and utility fee will be divided equally between the teachers. If you share the accommodation with other teachers, the utilities will be cheaper than others.

4) Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are similar to hotels. They are fully furnished and can be pricey. The buildings usually have conveniences such as a gym, stores and restaurants.
A very rare percentage of schools will provide serviced apartments.

5) Homestays

It is possible to be with a Korean family to experience Korean life and language. You could have your own bedroom and share the other facilities with the family members. Most host families expect you to teach English for their children or for themselves.

6) Ha-suk-jip

Hasukjips are found around universities areas. They are usually one room with shared bathrooms. There is no deposit and rent varies from 300,000 won to 500,000 won per month. Complementary breakfast and lunch are served daily. Usually, the rooms are quite small, but it could be very convenient.

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